Peshtemal Soap Set Gray
Peştemal Sabun Takımı Gri

Peshtemal Soap Set Gray

Price : $36.24(Vat included)

Peshtemal Gift Set; The best way to give a gift to your loved ones or yourself. The gift set, which includes original and designer products, is designed to meet all your needs. Gift set; While it is sent in a vinyl bag, its minimalist design meets your loved ones. While the peshtemal will meet your daily needs, the massage soap will activate your body and create a gentle peeling effect on your skin. You will not be able to take it with you when traveling, as it is lightweight and offers different areas of use. The nature-protecting gift set will be a great option for corporate collaborations.

Loincloth and Soap Gift Set - Content:

90x190 cm Peshtemal

Felt Soap in Peshtemal Pattern

Vinyl Bag

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